phatshed! update Kigali
Football for Hope

(invited competiton)
architecture for humanity

Michael Kloos with Kim Wang

Team (update Kigali)
Carlos Lara, Carolin Pätsch, Caroline Framont

Girder: Wood/steel
platform/stands: Wood/concrete

approx. 2600 qm

Kigali, Rwanda project information



  20 centers will be built in Africa to coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. Each centre will consist of a small football pitch (40 x 20m) and media facilities, such as a lecture theatre. It will also give up-and-coming football players the opportunity to get football coaching and educational training as well as providing access to medical facilities.
Learn more about the football for Hope programm by the project partners:

raumstar* has proposed a concept for a “Football for Hope Center”, which can, to a large extent, be built with the help of the local community. Their proposal is characterised by a high-level of identification amongst the end-users with “their” centre and a structural embedding in the cultural traditions of the country in question.