streetfootballworld festival 06
streetfootballworld gGmbH

raumstar*architekten, Michael Kloos und F. Brenner

Janet Heller, Michael Hinz, George Koch, Daniel Slota

Tisch Gerüstbau GmbH
Layher Allroundgerüstsystem

ca. 800 qm

Place, year
Berlin Kreuzberg, 2006
Realisation: June 06 – Juli 06
in cooperation with 60 teenagers from berlin

Mauricio Bustamante, raumstar*

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In the context of the official art-and-culture programme accompanying the FIFA World Championship 2006, raumstar* created several diverse playing fields in the center of Berlin and the adjacent Kreuzberg district. In constructing these, largely scaffolding materials were used. An empty standard primary school was converted to serve as a temporary hostel to accommodate 280 street footballers and their coaches from 23 nations, while in the ‘Bethanien’ building at Mariannenplatz a press center was set up offering working space for up to 800 national and international media representatives. And the Festival area as a whole was turned into a genuine international meeting place where visitors were able to meet with the participants.